Vismara offers the finest 100% Italian Built home cinema seating on the market. All seating is custom built to order. Made in Italy. Vismara only uses the absolute finest materials and their craftmanship is impeccable. For seating that not only looks and feels amazing, but seating that will be with you for many years to come, then there is no finer choice than Vismara

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At Elite HTS, our mission is to redefine the essence of theater seating. We believe a true theater chair transcends the conventional; it’s not merely an overstuffed recliner with cupholders, but a meticulously crafted seat that provides unparalleled ergonomic support for extended viewing sessions.

Our commitment to the Diamond Standard – The 4 C’s: Comfort, Craftsmanship, Customization, and Concierge Service – is at the core of our pursuit. We strive to curate an immersive experience, offering tailor-made seating solutions that transport you into the enchanting realms of cinematic escapism while ensuring enduring comfort, exquisite artisanship, personalized customization, and exceptional concierge service at every step.

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Our furniture is purposely designed for achieving the ultimate in personal seating comfort while providing overall body wellness. Our commercial and residential frames are built to last with models that are stylish, comfortable, affordable, and most importantly functional. As seating specialists we’re here to provide you the best in lounging bliss. We like to think we have your back – literally.

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