We offer full in-house CAD design services with over 20 years of experience in the design and construction of custom home cinemas. Below is an example of a basic set of drawings for a custom home cinema project. 

To begin the design process its best if we can obtain the following information:

  • Architects CAD or Blueprints of the home or the room within the home (if available)
  • Any Pictures of the space that may be available
  • Any preferences in a/v equipment and seating, especially how many people anticipated will use the theater
  • Any design ideas the client may have noted from magazines or websites.  This will help in our initial design meeting to confirm the design direction.

Phase I-Preliminary Design Concept

These drawings consist of the following pages:

  • Floor Plan
  • Reflected Ceiling
  • Front, Rear, and Side Elevations
  • Sightline Study
  • Seating Layout

Phase II-Construction/Trade Drawings

These drawings expand upon the approved design concept drawings and consist of the following:

  • Framing Set- All wall framing details including wall, floor, ceiling, and soffit construction
  • Platform and Stage-Construction details for building the platform, stage, proscenium, and any other elements as specified for the trades to build.
  • Electrical Set-Consist of:
    • Lighting zone layout
    • Dimensioned lighting location layout
    • High and low voltage fixture layout
    • Detailed Fixture/Electrical Schedule identifying all electrical and load specifications
  • HVAC Set-Suggested supply and return locations and recommended installation guidelines